September 3 - How Faith Conversations Strengthen the Culture and Value of Companies - Christeen Rico of Faith and Work Movement

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Coming September 3rd!

For this episode we’re in Cupertino, California connecting with Christeen Rico. Christeen likes to say she is a daughter of the Most High King, committed to following Jesus and intent on pursuing a vision found in Proverbs 11:10 (NIV) "When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices." Currently, she's on assignment as a minister of reconciliation in the marketplace, starting at her place of work: a major tech company in Silicon Valley where she works in strategy and operations, while co-leading the company's Christian employee resource group. Christeen is passionate about equipping men and women in the marketplace to pursue an intentional journey of faith and work integration, thereby amplifying their impact in the world in partnership with God. Christeen is an active steward of the Silicon Valley Faith & Work Movement as a speaker, mentor and co-host of various cross-company, cross-church initiatives including the first ever Silicon Valley Work & Faith Workshop which empowered 70+ faith-driven leaders with tools to launch faith-based employee resource groups to positively impact their company. Learn more about Christeen's story and latest initiatives at, and

As Faith Driven Investors we have an opportunity to support these movements and encourage other companies to do the same. Lets listen in on our conversation. Thrilled to have Christeen on the podcast to talk about her experience and how these conversations are strengthening the culture and the long term value of companies.