Chaplaincy and Faith Based Employee Resource Groups (ERG’S)

There are opportunities to invest in companies that encourage faith conversations. They might employ corporate chaplains furthering prayer coverage as well as care for their team, customers, partners, vendors, and employees. Also, a more recent development is the growth of faith driven employee resource groups at larger companies like Salesforce, Apple, Google, Uber, Ford and more. Find out information about both this movements below.

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Chaplaincy has long been a reliable marker that leadership of a company is serious about ministering to the spiritual needs of its employees. Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) and Marketplace Chaplains have been leaders in this field and there is new energy from others to build on this for the millennial generation in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Of recent note, David Miller, Director of the Faith and Work Initiative at Princeton has released a very compelling research paper on the case for Chaplaincy.  


 companies with employee resource groups

Thank to the faithful research of some faith driven investors, interviews were had with Faith Based ERG contacts to organize the companies using employee groups within their organization. Below is a sample of these groups—from one of the largest retail chains in the country, to car manufacturers, to insurance, these groups are on the rise.



Religious Groups: Muslim, Jewish, and Christian.

There are hundreds ‘recognized employee groups’ at Target—ranging from wellbeing, technology support, personal development, culture, and religion. It’s impossible to list them all.

Target specifically allows hobby groups, alumni groups, faith groups, and other types to exist. An interesting note is that Target D&I leader has periodic “listening sessions” to foster discussion.



Religious Groups: Apple Christian Fellowship, Apple Jewish Association, Apple Muslim Association

Apple believes that a welcoming community is important not just for Veterans, but for all employees. Therefore, they created Diversity Network Associations (DNAs), which are communities centered around shared interests and beliefs.

These groups include Agnostic Community at Apple, Apple Christian Fellowship, Apple Jewish Association, Apple Muslim Association, and Apply Sikhi Association.


american express

Religious Groups: Christian Employee Network (SALT), Jewish Employee Network (CHAI), Muslim Employee Network (PEACE)

As a part of the strategy at American Express, they remain globally focused on diversity and inclusion, while recognizing the local nuances in the key markets where they operate.

They refer to their ERGs as “Employee Networks” and the religious organization they incorporate include Jewish, Muslim, and Christian groups. They also have Employee Networks for people of different nationalities, genders, and generations, as well as groups for people with disabilities and veterans.



Religious Groups: Christian Employee Resource Group (CERG), Muslims for Carrying Out the Medtronic Mission (MCOM)

According to Medtronic, ERGs provide strategic priorities documents that align with Medtronic business priorities.

Their official ERGs range from religious organizations to people with disabilities, to groups for different races, genders, and worldviews.



Religious Group: Inter Belief Network

Google has 15 official ERGs. As opposed to having different groups for different religions, however, they have what is called their Inter Belief Network.

IBN consists of multiple member chapters representing specific communities of interest, including but not limited to: Buddhists, Christians, Jewglers (a term for Jewish Googlers), and Muslims.



Religious Group: Interfaith@ (includes Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and others)

“Facebook Resource Groups” welcome employees from all faiths and spiritual groups to practice and celebrate their beliefs. They believe that enabling an open dialog to foster understanding of different belief systems creates an environment that is truly open and inclusive.

Their Interfaith@ resource group includes Christians, Muslims, Jews, as well as others.



Religious Groups: Jewish Employee Network (CHAI), Muslim Employees Connecting and Contributing to Ameriprise (MECCA), Christian Employee Network (SALT), Christian Franchise Advisor Network (CFAN)

Ameriprise refers to their ERGs as Business Resource Networks. They demonstrate their commitment to inclusion through more than a dozen networks.

These networks provide opportunities for professional development and relationship building while promoting awareness and community service. See a full list of their groups by clicking the button below.


Texas instruments

Religious Groups: Jewish Initiative, Christian Values Initiative, Muslim Employees Initiative

TI Diversity Networks (TIDN) are focused on bringing together people of different races, nationalities, and beliefs. They also do events between multiple TIDNs

For example, they have held a symposium bringing together members of TI’s Jewish, Christian, and Muslim initiatives to discuss the impact of religion in the workplace.



Religious Groups: Christians

More than 10,000 employees belong to their employee resource groups. People share their expertise, network and build career skills.

The efforts and ideas of these groups help Aetna to meet the needs of a diverse marketplace. See a full list of their ERGs below.


rockwell automation

Religious Groups: Faith Friendly & Allies (includes Christian, Sikh, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc.)

Employee Resource Groups at Rockwell Automation provide a global network of multicultural, multi-generational, employees that are committed to the company’s business goals, along with the needs of its memberships.

Click the button below to view the ERG Overview that showcases their 13 ERGs, which have 56 chapters in 20 countries and over 6,000 active members.



Religious Group: Christian Business Network

Ecolab has a new hire experience where “enterprise resource groups” all present for five minutes each of what they’re about to help new hires plug into various employee communities.

At Ecolab, they believe the best teams are diverse and inclusive, and they are on a journey to create a workplace where every associate can grow and achieve their best



Religious Group: Faith

As one of the largest employers in the United States, CVS believes it’s important to offer programs that help their employees develop and grow professionally, while also providing the opportunity to connect with one another through a particular affinity, culture, or perspective.

Their Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) serve this purpose for more than 7,800 employees across 45 states and Puerto Rico. There are more than a dozen CRGs operating more than 40 chapters across their organization. These groups represent a wide variety of professional, cultural and personal interests.



Religious Group: Faithforce - Community for All Faiths

Salesforce supports nine employee resource groups called Ohana Groups.

They acknowledge, celebrate, and foster understanding of the global faith and religious diversity across Salesforce. With the goal of inclusion and empowering their employees to bring their authentic selves to work, Faithforce is open to all people of faith and allies who wish to learn about the different traditions that are integrated into the global communities. Founded in 2017, they have seven regional hubs and are continuing to grow across their offices.



Religious Group: Christian - GoodNewZ

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led associations that provide personal and professional support and networking. Our ERGs can also help Zurich better understand the challenges our employees and customers face.

Zurich currently has a range of global and local resource groups and is committed to fostering an environment to encourage more. Our ERGs include: WIN (Women’s Innovation Network), CAN (Cultural Awareness Network), and GoodNewZ (Christian group).



Religious Group: Interfaith@Bosch

In addition to practicing inclusive leadership behaviors, Bosch support the growth of business resource groups (BRGs).

The mission of Interfaith@Bosch—the religious BRG—is to promote understanding and respect for the diverse faiths, religions, and spiritual beliefs represented at Bosch through networking and dialogues, which foster increased awareness and acceptance of all.



Religious Groups: Agnostics and Atheists at Intel (AAI), Intel Bible-Based Christian Network (IBCN), Intel Jewish Community (IJC), Intel Muslim Employee Group (IMEG)

Intel encourages employee connection through their network of Intel Chartered Employee Resource Groups. These groups unite around a significant common affinity or element of their personal identity and are focused on internal and external activities that build an environment of inclusion.

Through recruiting, networking, mentoring, resource sharing and sponsored development events, Intel Employee Resource Groups are an important part of their culture and reinforce that Intel as a great place to work.



Religious Group: Interfaith

Dell’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are communities within Dell where team members with common interests or backgrounds bring their collective voices together to drive business impact.

Currently, more than 37,000 team members participate in one of their 13 ERGs. With more than 300 chapters in 60+ countries around the world, these ever-growing groups of team members are recognized both internal and externally for their strength of program.



Religious Group: Toyota Christian Fellowship (TCF)

Created to help build inclusion and foster professional development, Toyota’s Business Partnering Groups are employee-driven networks based on shared characteristics and/or life experiences.

These volunteer organizations work to support business objectives as well as strengthen the collection of innovative ideas and voices that represent the future of Toyota.



Religious Groups: Intuit Christian Action Network, Intuit Muslim Awareness Network

Intuit’s 11 employee networks embrace cultural, ethnic and faith-based communities. They’re all open to everyone at Intuit. Together, they facilitate career development, attract new talent, sponsor community involvement, and act as a resource to the business.

They also promote “Spirited Contribution,” which they define as the importance of bringing your whole self to work.



Religious Group: Interfaith at Uber

People who work at Uber come from many different backgrounds. Their Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are set up and run by employees themselves.

These groups are working on exciting new ways to help improve their culture and ensure that Uber better serves riders, drivers, and cities.



Religious Group: Association of Christians Reaching Out in Service and Support (ACROSS)

USDA has a total of 32 Employee Organizations including the Association of Christians Reaching Out in Service and Support (ACROSS).

The purpose of ACROSS is to contribute to employee welfare and morale by supporting and strengthening one another in the practice of a living faith in Jesus Christ, devoted to serving their fellow employees and agency constituents.


american airlines

Religious Groups: Christian Employee Business Resource Group, Jewish Employee Business Resource Group, Muslim Employee Business Resource Group

With more than 100,000 team members in 65 countries, American Airlines hopes to provide an inclusive environment for all. Their Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) leads diversity efforts across American by fostering company-wide education, community service, and personal enrichment opportunities. T

he council also supports local Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs), which represent many employees and their beliefs, nationalities and backgrounds.


bluecross blueshield

Religious Group: Christian Employee Resource Group (CERG)

The Business Resource Groups (BRGs) at BlueCross BlueShield were developed around common goals to help employees feel connected, respected, and valued. They assist in driving the business objectives and recruiting, retaining and developing talent.

The Christian Employee Resource Group (CERG) in particular is an ERG for those who subscribe to the Christian faith or who want to learn more about it while also contributing to Blue Cross business initiatives.



Religious Group: Ford Interfaith Network (FIN)

Founded in 2001, the Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) aims to assist the company in becoming a worldwide corporate leader in promoting religious inclusion and understanding, corporate integrity and human dignity.

FIN has worked to ensure employees of all religions have the freedom and comfort in bringing their whole selves to work, expressing their faith in an appropriate and meaningful ways, while promoting religious understanding and mutual respect. FIN supports the needs of the company by providing its members developmental assignments, building strong community relationships, and achieving business objectives.



Religious Group: Jewish Cultural

KeyBank offers 10 Key Business and Impact Networking Groups, which focus on creating an inclusive and stronger workplace for all.

KeyBank's core values of diversity and inclusion support an environment where every person can thrive by bringing their authentic self to Key.



Religious Group: Interfaith

Accenture offers 10 employee resource groups, including Interfaith.

Because Accenture employees represent a tremendous variety of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and languages, these ERGs are key to creating an inclusive and diversity environment.



Religious Group: Merck Interfaith Organization (MIO)

Merck has more than 10,000 global members of Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) who help to drive employee engagement and achieve powerful business results.

EBRGs are employee volunteer groups of diverse constituencies that support talent acquisition, share business insights, and enhance the company’s reputation as employer of choice. They provide leadership development, networking forums and mentoring opportunities for Merck employees.



Religious Group: Christian Fundamentalist Internal Revenue Employees (CFIRE)

Employee affinity groups, which employees may choose to make a part of their work environment, exemplify the IRS’ commitment to diversity.

The larger of these groups have chapters in many IRS offices and include the Association for the Improvement of Minorities (AIM), Asian Pacific Internal Revenue Employees (ASPIRE), Christian Fundamentalist Internal Revenue Employees (CFIRE) and Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees (HIRE). As independent employee organizations, these groups are not sponsored by the IRS, but they do welcome all interested employees to participate in their activities.



Religious Groups: The Christian Salt & Light ERG, The Muslim ERG

ERGs at FannieMae are employee initiated and employee led; their efforts support the diversity and inclusion strategy commitments of the company.

The Christian Salt & Light ERG seeks to support Fannie Mae’s culture in a way that encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work. They believe that Christian principles are useful in enhancing member performance and commitment to Fannie Mae goals.


ERG THought Leaders

One of the leaders of this conversation is Christeen Rico. She’s on the International Expansion team at Apple. Today she spends much of her time focused on bringing Apple's largest product - their retail stores - to life in new countries around the world. In addition to that she is responsible for co-leading a volunteer team to define and execute programs that strengthen community and growth opportunities for the Apple Christian Fellowship, one of Apple's Diversity Network Association. She’s an upcoming guest on the podcast.

You can also learn about ERG’s through a growing Bay Area organization, Faith and Work Movement that does a lot around Employee Resource Groups. Here’s several really great resources links from their event that we would highly recommend if you are considering starting a group.

other groups

We’ve also heard of faith-based employee resource groups being started at companies like Exxon Mobil, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Thomson Reuters, Cargill, Northwestern Mutual, JP Morgan Chase, KeHE, and General Electric.

If you have any information those groups, or if you know of any companies doing similar things in this space, please fill out this form and let us know!

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