Faith Driven Financial Advisors

Why we invest and how we invest matter more than where we invest. Our heart posture must be on-aim above all else. So if you’re a financial advisor in one of the big firms and striving to see your Work as Act of Worship, then here’s a few ways to be encouraged and connect with others in the community.


Kingdom Advisors

You don’t have to be alone as a christian financial advisor. Kingdom Advisors is a membership community of competent Christian advisors. Their members are primarily Financial Planners, Investment Professionals (Wealth Managers), Insurance Professionals, Estate Planning Lawyers, and Tax and Accounting Professionals.


ROn Blue company

Ron Blue company is a wealth management and trust services company. They use experienced financial advisors build relationships and apply tools such as proprietary financial planning software, investment vehicles, and estate planning strategies.

While they do all of those things with excellence, they also seek to help their clients gain clarity and confidence around their finances. And they firmly believe that when clients live with clarity and confidence about money—without conflict, anxiety, or fear—their lives are richer and more fulfilling.



Keel Point is the joining together of families and advisors to achieve each family’s mission, vision, values and goals. 15 years ago, a group of successful families came together with David Parks and his team to create a firm to serve the global financial, estate, tax, business and philanthropic needs of the wealth—creators and their spouses, children and children’s children. 

They now focus on wealth management for individuals and families who understand that wealth comes with great opportunities and responsibilities.



Caprock has developed a set of insights based on years of experience helping families. They understand that families want impartial advice, but rarely get it. They know that most families prefer to enjoy, rather than administer, their wealth. Because no two families are alike, no two portfolios should be alike. And since sustaining wealth through generations is not a foregone conclusion, they believe direct experience is crucial when assessing any investments


Faith Based Investing

Many Christian desire to align their investment portfolio with their values and beliefs. Faith based investing publishes DIY portfolios with their values and beliefs. Faith-based investing also connect investors to advisors who implement our portfolios for investors. Faith based investing also connects investors to advisors who implement our portfolios for you.


Arlington Family Offices

Arlington is purpose-built to independently advise complex, high net worth families. They are a multi-disciplinary practice of professionals versed in investments, tax, planning, record-keeping, and administration. As an independent fiduciary for the family, they offer no products nor do we have any outside agendas or stakeholders.

They are selective about the families they choose to serve—focusing on those that are positively disruptive and like-minded, and not pressured by the stresses of wealth creation. As adept as they are at financial wealth preservation, Arlington Family Offices are equally focused on helping families unlock the value of human, spiritual, social, and intellectual capital.


beacon wealth

Beacon Wealth Advisors proactively seeks out investments in exemplary companies who live out the Golden Rule in their business practices and endeavor to create blessing in the world. They understand investing as a sacramental act of worship and are on a mission to ignite a movement of Biblically Responsible Investing.

They believe that advisors are crucial to the vision of igniting a movement of BRI. Therefore, they have developed a robust suite of high-quality strategic allocation, innovative tactical allocation and qualified retirement plan strategies for easy, scalable implementation.


envoy financial

For over 25 years, Envoy has specialized in providing cost-effective retirement plans to churches, missionaries, and other faith-based organizations.

Envoy offers affordable plans for all sizes, simple administration that saves time and reduces stress, and easy enrollment and empowering education. Plus. everyone can invest well with Envoy's open architecture platform that allows access to over 25,000 investment products.



OneAscent is an investment company that walks the extra mile with their advisors and investors. They work with a variety of investment managers to provide clients with a personalized investment mix founded on their values. OneAscent has partnered with financial institutions and fund management teams to bring profitable and ethical investments to clients like you. They provide counseling, a listening ear, and strategic investment plans so you can live a secure and successful life.


stewardship partners

Stewardship Partners believes that as the Lord's servants, we are called to be good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us and to reflect our Christian worldview in our daily life. They’ve found that many Christians, however, have been frustrated by their inability to effectively manage their investments while simultaneously giving proper consideration to the moral fabric of the companies of which they have become part owners.

Founded in 2000 by former Templeton portfolio manager, Howard "Rusty" Leonard, CFA, Stewardship Partners seeks to address this issue by offering both highly skilled, experienced, professional money management and the best research available on the character exhibited in products, management, and causes supported by the public companies in which they invest.



Since 1945, Everence has believed it's possible to incorporate your faith and values with your decisions about money. Take a closer look at the difference it makes when your financial services company is rooted in something more than making a profit.


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