Long standing movements have helped pave the way for this conversation

History of Faith Driven Investor

It’s important to acknowledge that there have been long standing movements in adjacent spaces, that enable us to have this conversation. We’re thrilled to run alongside them and want to recognize and express gratitude for the shoulders that we all are able to stand on.

  1. Kingdom Advisors, Crown Financial, Compass, Ron Blue Co and others have been working through their network to encourage people to bring a Biblical Perspective to Investment, Savings and Stewardship Strategies.

  2. Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) screens against investing in companies or underlying assets that erode culture….e.g. Alcohol, gambling, pornography.

  3. Christ followers leading impact funds that address Biblically-aligned issues like creation care, job creation, food security, poverty alleviation, etc.

  4. Business as Mission (BAM) movements that combine profitable business activities with intentional gospel transformation, primarily overseas.

  5. MicroFinance (MFI) and Christ Centered Economic Development organizations.  Hope International, Edify, Chalmers Center and Creation Social Investment Ventures are some that come to mind.

There’s vibrant conversations happening in all of these spaces. Some of those are represented here. We long to see a time when every faith driven investor from a Foundation, Endowment, Family Office, and Individual Investor might have access to an inventory of excellent investment vehicles that allow for holistic stewardship, which includes both financial return and Gospel-centered marketplace transformation.

This movement, and more specifically this website is less about definition and structure, and more about promoting an increased consciousness/awareness that investment assets and how we steward them matter to God. It’s meant to encourage a new intentionality about seeking His wisdom through prayer and by the way He speaks through His word and His body of believers.

The FDI Movement is about a holistic approach to investing that doesn’t limit itself to particular tools (e.g. negative screening, allocation to impact) but instead asks the core question of what it means, in the context I’m in, to be faithful - to be driven by my faith.