Impact Investing and Patient capital

In certain situations (overseas, frontier, and/or otherwise uniquely challenged geographies), there are opportunities for investors to invest concessionary or “very patient” capital into development initiatives that tie to a wide variety of core consumer, technology, and related opportunities. Here’s a few of our favorites.



Impact Foundation exists to bring Kingdom Impact Investing to donors desiring to change the world through business while also earning a return on their charitable capital. They believe that business with a purpose has the willpower to transform society. Better Charity. Better Business. Maximum Impact.


Access Ventures

Access Ventures has a unique one-pocket approach to investing. A one-pocket mindset dispels the notion that investment strategies seeking social returns must be separated from those seeking financial returns. Rather than a siloed approach to deploying capital, one-pocket investing puts your mission at the center of your strategy, and ultimately at the center of all of your investments.



Talanton is on a mission to end poverty through job creation. They offer a series of investment funds plus charitable impact options to support small to mid-sized growth stage ($250K to $10M ) enterprises that provide jobs for those living in poverty. They focus on developing world countries, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, and places where they have both staff and on-the-ground partners able to monitor the work. 



Heirloom’s Labor Accommodation Fund is an international real estate impact fund focused on improving labor accommodations in the GCC. In addition to market rates of financial return, the Fund’s Impact efforts target both social and spiritual returns by improving the physical and community space for its residents and increasing resource efficiency to reduce its environmental footprint. The Fund focuses on UN Sustainable Development Goals #1 (No Poverty), #8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), #10 (Reduced Inequalities), and #11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), while adhering to the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The keys to their impact are partnerships with faith-based organizations and staffing with like-minded individuals.


Marketplace one

As a private investment firm, Marketplace One is investing for impact. Their mission is to foster an investment ecosystem that produces profitable opportunities for investors and marketplace leaders who share a common vision: the transformation of societies through creation of profitable marketplace ventures. They focus primarily on asset management, research and development, and the Marketplace One Foundation.


Brightlight Impact Advisory

Brightlight Impact Advisory specialises in impact and responsible investment management. They provide bespoke investment consulting and management services to institutional clients across the private, philanthropic and government sectors. Their mission is to change the world by creating an environment in which long-term investing, human flourishing and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.



We believe that enterprise is the surest solution to poverty. Therefore, Sagamore serves philanthropists who want to invest in social impact and social entrepreneurs who want to make their social impact ventures economically sustainable.

We equip and empower indigenous entrepreneurs operating in marginalized communities, helping them to build innovative, sustainable businesses and cultivate thriving communities.


Jubilee Impact Fund

Jubilee Impact Fund focuses on utilizing impact capital for Christian community development. Their focus is on connecting community development enterprises with mission-aligned investors for Kingdom impact.


verdant investments

Verdant Investments focuses exclusively on socially responsible and impact (SRI) investing.

Verdant combines traditional investing strategies with SRI investing philosophies. By incorporating these material, non-financial factors, we strive to construct high-quality portfolios that create a measurable and positive impact on some of the world’s biggest issues. At Verdant, we set our standards high – for ourselves, for our selected managers, and for our portfolios. We research rigorously and review meticulously, striving to ensure that your portfolio performs the way it should.


Hope Global Investments

HOPE Global Investments, LLC is an investment vehicle that enables accredited investors to provide debt financing to HOPE network microfinance institutions around the world, specifically for the purpose of accelerating loan provision to small-and-medium enterprises. HOPE invests in SME business owners with a combination of loan capital, training and mentorship, and discipleship to see Kingdom impact in their businesses and communities. Building on HOPE’s 20+ years of experience in microlending and gospel proclamation, HGI’s strong controls and shared risk structure present a unique opportunity for low-risk, high-impact investing into hard-to-reach small businesses.

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Creation Investments

Creation Investments Capital Management is a leading alternative investment management company with a focus on private equity investments in Microfinance Institutions, Small-and-Medium Enterprise lenders, Emerging Market Banks, and other BOP Financial Services Providers.

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Mango Fund encourages economic development in Uganda by providing business loans ($5-50k) to growth-oriented, small and medium-sized companies who are involved in technology-enabled manufacturing, agro-processing, and medical services. The fund has ~50 current investments.

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amplio ventures

Amplio Ventures seeks to capitalize growth stage businesses restoring refugee stability. With 70M displaced people around the globe, Amplio aims to "care for the sojourner among us" through job creation. As one of the first movers in capitalizing both refugee entrepreneurs and companies hiring refugees as a high priority, Amplio plans to deploy $100M in capital by 2030. Amplio invests in Christian and non-Christian founders, both in developed nations as well as emerging markets.

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