michael fox

Owner, Hayden Harper Holdings


After graduating from Miami University, Mike moved to North Carolina to pursue a career in business. In 2002, after working for a couple of years in investments, he realized he didn’t want to be beholden to a corporation anymore. It was after this realization he made the decision to start Hayden Harper, a financial advisory firm.

Mike has run and grown Hayden Harper for the past 17 years, including a re-launch in 2007 after God gave him a renewed vision and purpose to impact and enrich lives for the glory of Christ through the work of Hayden Harper. In 2009,

Mike started an energy business and held the position of Founder/CFO until it was sold in 2014. Always an opportunist, he decided to re-start his family’s pipe distribution company in 2012, which he still oversees today. Since 2014, he has bought and sold various other businesses, always looking for a good investment, and a chance to improve processes and teams. Mike is a visionary, passionate about his work and cares about challenging the people around him to grow into their fullest potential and to live in the freedom that Christ offers.


Mike has been married to his wife, Kathleen, for 19 years. Together they have 4 children; 3 teenage boys + a 10 year old girl. Mike and Kathleen enjoy a busy life in Charlotte, NC with their active kids. They are grateful for the journey God has them on; running and building businesses with a kingdom mindset. In addition, they have a heart for hospitality and enjoy the chance to connect with friends near and far.