A banking service that is provided to unemployed or low-income individuals or groups who otherwise would have no other access to financial services. While institutions participating in the area of micro-finance most often provide lending (micro-loans can range from as small as $100 to as large as $25,000), many banks offer additional services, such as checking and savings accounts, and micro-insurance products; and some even provide financial and business education. Microfinance is a great way to work on the alleviation of financial and spiritual poverty. Check out this video story from Hope International.



Hope International is a group of Christ-followers motivated by the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment to love God, love our neighbor, and make disciples of all nations. They proclaim and live the Gospel, affirming that we all need daily bread and the Bread of Life. In fighting global poverty, Hope International is confronting some of the greatest challenges of our day in service to an even greater God.

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The Chalmers Center

That transformation is the reason everything we do begins and ends with the church.

Even though the scale of poverty can seem overwhelming, churches of any size can walk alongside people, breaking the bonds of poverty.

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Five Talents

Dignity matters when seeking to empower the poor.  Dignity provides a sense that an individual, a family, a community, are worth preserving and sustaining, regardless of circumstances.  Dignity sustains the poor while defeating the circumstances of poverty.

As a Five Talents entrepreneur grows her business, she increases her children’s access to healthier protein-rich meals, clean water, education, healthcare, and, ultimately, a sustainable community in which to grow up.  But that’s not all.  Five Talents offers its entrepreneurs the consistent spiritual support necessary for transformed lives.  Each entrepreneur learns about God’s love, intention, and desire to transform her and her community. Discover what it means to partner with Five Talents and walk alongside the poor

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Edify - Microfinance for schools

We provide a Christ-centered solution to the global education crisis.

We partner with entrepreneurs who need access to training, capital, and technology to grow their schools.

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SALT - Christian Aid Ministries

SALT, is a part of the larger ministries of Christian Aid. They work to provide.

  • Bible Teaching - Clients learn Biblical principles for all areas of life.

  • Business Opportunities - Families find ways to provide for themselves.

  • The Gift of Hope - People are finding a sustainable path out of poverty.

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Transformational SME

Transformational SME was created with the goal of supporting the growth and development of Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprises across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Based on Christian values, it aims to add value to those businesses by also providing mentoring, coaching and assistance in other ways.

We manage a Fund to make loans to companies operating in our target market after carefully reviewing their plans, performance and capabilities against our criteria.

Transformational SME is led by a global team with accumulated experience in:

  • venture capital and finance

  • entrepreneurship and management

  • international business and cross-cultural living in the Arab World and Asia

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visionfund international

VisionFund believes in brighter futures for children where they can experience the love of Christ, building lives free of need and full of promise. We empower families to create income and jobs.

Their financial services enable impoverished households to increase their incomes. They also train clients to grow successful businesses using their income to support their children and families, thus unlocking economic potential for communities to thrive.

Working together as part of World Vision—a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization—they enable communities to increase economic activity, provide access clean water, education and healthcare, benefit from improvements to nutrition, and provide the foundations for local economies to flourish.

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peer servants

We envision both the materially poor and non-poor experiencing and extending the kingdom of heaven on earth by being transformed economically, socially, and spiritually.

PEER’s microfinance partners find that they need even more than microfinance to effectively extend the kingdom of heaven to earth and ask PEER to partner with them in areas of education, youth empowerment, and beyond. PEER adapts the same partnership, volunteer, reciprocity model to support the network in these initiatives. The first education-focused trip is taken to CCT/Philippines while PEER Teens, established in 2014 in Uganda, has now become a global network of seven affiliates. A Burundian partnership was established with Hope Fund Burundi in 2017. The civil war in South Sudan limits JED’s ability to launch its microfinance program, but PEER supports their vocational training program for single mother refugees in northern Uganda. Number of Volunteers: 160 and growing!

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partners worldwide

Partners Worldwide aspires to end poverty so that all may have life and have it abundantly. Their mission involves mobilizing long-term, hands-on global relationships to form a powerful Christian network that uses business as the way to create flourishing economic environments in all parts of the world.


seed effect

Seed Effect is a Christ-centered economic development organization. Their mission is to plant the seeds that overcome poverty by providing access to economic empowerment, education, and spiritual discipleship in marginalized communities around the world.

They believe that Seed Effect is a movement of hope, love, empowerment, and transformation. This inspires them, and those around them, to say yes, get involved, and become an agent of change.



Capable’s mission is to increase income for people living in extreme poverty. They equip those who need it most with the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to start a business and permanently transition out of poverty.

To learn more about the work they do and their model, click on the button below or watch this video.

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