Catalytic Events

Events often times are catalytic experiences on our journey. They propel us into new relationships, new ideas and new ventures. Here’s a few at the intersection of faith driven investing that we suggest checking out.

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Kingdom Advisors Annual Conference

The Kingdom Advisors Annual Conference is the premier gathering for the Christian financial industry. Join with over 1,300 Christian financial professionals and other industry leaders to connect, grow, and worship with other like-minded peers.

Spiritual Refreshment • Industry Connections • Professional Growth

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We unite world-changing leaders to accelerate their impact.

CEF is a platform that provides a relational learning environment where leaders and experts from around the world gather to discuss and address some of the world’s greatest challenges and most pressing needs.

CEF is not a networking group. It’s not a conference, a place for solicitation, or just another group to passively join. It’s a real community, solving real problems, impacting the world with real change.

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Christian Investment Forum (CIF)

The Christian Investment Forum (CIF) is a Kingdom-focused investment association committed to educating advisors and investor by providing opportunities to bring about change – in the hearts, homes, cities, nation and world that we serve.

Members include mutual fund companies, registered investment advisors, and other financial industry service providers who all embrace the idea of Faith based investing.  For CIF, Faith based investing is defined as follows: “Biblically Responsible Investing, or BRI, applies Christian values to investment decision making by incorporating moral and social principles into traditional financial analysis.  BRI provides a platform for the faithful stewardship of God’s gifts on the basis of our shared Christian faith.”

Every CIF firm actively incorporates the Christian faith uniquely into their investment decisions.  Each firm purposefully engages on how best that faith should be reflected in their organization and investment processes.

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The Lion’s Den is a Christian business pitch competition where real businesses are seeking real investment to make real impact. Check out their events in Birmingham and Dallas.

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The Gathering

Wendell Berry wrote, “Community, I am beginning to understand, is made through a skill I have never learned or valued: the ability to pass time with people you do not and will not know well, talking about nothing in particular, with no end in mind, just to build trust, just to be sure of each other, just to be neighborly. A community is not something that you have, like a camcorder or a breakfast nook. No, it is something you do. And you have to do it all the time.”
The Gathering began in 1985 with a simple purpose. A few of us were interested in Christian philanthropy and needed a safe, neutral place to relax, talk, teach, listen and learn. We wanted to serve as educators and encouragers  – and be a sounding board of peers. As much as anything, we wanted to build trust.

We met originally over dinner and have now grown to a sprawling community of a few hundred men, women, children and grandchildren across multiple generations. Learning what it means to honor God (and each other) has come from the tradition of wisdom being passed along through generations of real people knitted together over a long time, as well as welcoming the new faces and new perspectives who come each year.

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Partners Worldwide

When it comes to ending poverty, we mean business.

Join a passionate group of businesspeople, change agents, and dynamic speakers for this two-day event that affirms and celebrates business as a calling to do God’s work.


christian economic development network

The CED Network Summit is a space for lateral learning and connecting on relevant topics with other Christian economic development practitioners.

The purpose of the Christian Economic Development (CED) Network is to create a community where Christ-centered organizations and individuals can share, learn, encourage, and support each other in our pursuits of transformational economic development. CED Network participants work primarily in microfinance and savings groups ranging from multi-country networks to independent programs. Some of the services offered by CED Network participants include community savings groups, individual and group lending, agricultural lending, livelihood training, savings accounts, and other financial services.


The Christian Investment Forum leadership summit

The CIF Leadership Summit is the premier gathering of investment professionals and financial leaders meeting to share insights and explore the real-world effects of Kingdom-minded investing. The Christian Investment Summit was designed to bring together investment and financial thought-leaders to learn more about Faith based investing, engaging with one another in an inspiring mountain retreat setting. A collaborative experience, the summit provides a unique platform to learn from experts and each other, while appreciating the growing number of resources for organizations, investors and their advisors who desire to align with their faith.