This movement is also meant to be more “starfish” than “spider”.  There will likely be many interpretations of what “faith driven investing” look like for the investor who has resources to invest, and the fund manager who is responsible for putting their money to work.

It should also be noted that some number of Christ followers may feel led to invest in more secular impact funds that don’t have a Gospel-centeredness to them. That may absolutely be the right move for that particular investor for a host of reasons. This site however is more focused on impact funds that look to specifically address the alleviation of both financial and spiritual poverty. The attempt to focus on the alleviation of spiritual poverty will likely be more nuanced from fund to fund, but a commonality with those highlighted here will be an intentionality to address it. Some may do it overtly as core to their mission, others might look to do it in such a way that they partner with others.

Lastly, this movement has to be at its core more about discipleship and receiving God’s love than anything else. Without the radical heart transformation that comes from an encounter with the living God and ceding ownership of our life to Him, all of the following will crumble at the first challenge it encounters and its advocates won’t be taken seriously by those inside or outside the Church.

In a perfect world we work toward a time where collaboration is such that various advisors and family offices share due diligence notes. The enemy would love to see us all spread out in a post Tower of Babel way. Lord willing, this movement will counteract that natural tendency toward propriety and instead by characterized by such cooperation and encouragement, that people would look at it and see a togetherness unlike they’ve seen before.

Faith Driven Investing isn’t an organization, but a movement of an increasing number of business leaders, fund managers, investors, and pastors that are driven by their faith. We get great joy from interacting with many of you and it has been very rewarding to see people come in to the site and join the conversation.

Our hope is that you will feel as if FDI is YOUR site and that you'll help make it the website that best equips that you’re proud of and want to share with others. Here’s a few ways you can get involved.

  • Get Involved in One of the Initiatives - There are a few places where work is needed to advance this conversation. Perhaps you’re already involved in this area or know someone who is?

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  • Join Us at an Event - In a day and age when “community” is watered down to friend requests and loose social media connections, we believe there's something catalytic about the chance to break bread and dream about what might come about through the work of the faithful coming together. Check out a few chances to gather in person.

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Thanks for journeying together!

The Faith Driven Investing Team