Preserving Capital for Faith Driven Investment

A primary source of investment capital for kingdom causes comes from successful faith driven entrepreneurs at they exit their businesses. A surprisingly high number of business sales happen in a non tax advantaged way, resulting in large taxes being paid that could have otherwise gone to ministry pursuits. Its in an effort to maximize the availability of faith driven capital that we have provided a list of experts in the field that setup structures that allow business owners to maximize their giving and investing. A number of financial advisors that we feature on the site are great to consult. A few organizations that are a pure play are featured here on this site. The leading group in this space, National Christian Foundation put together a series of great videos that explains how it often can work to maximize the sale of your business. Here’s one told through the story of one of their long time families.


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National Christian foundation

National Christian Foundation is a US non-profit organization that helps donors give more wisely and tax-efficiently to support their favorite charitable causes. NCF is a leader in accepting non-cash assets, and is the nation's largest provider of donor-advised funds focused primarily on Christian givers. With every gift you release from your hands, you’re writing a new story for the people and causes you truly love. For close to four decades, our team at NCF has helped thousands of families like yours craft their next chapter and send more than $10 billion to 63,000 charities. Join us, and discover the bigger story God is writing through us all.


The Signatry

It’s A New Day For Generosity

With this bold approach to maximize your resources, it becomes possible to fulfill those God-sized dreams. It’s time to take the Kingdom. What is your cause? Fulfilling the Great Commission?

Ending human trafficking? Let’s partner together and sign our name to these causes of Christ. Generosity is more than a check; it sets the stage to pass on legacy and change lives.


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