6 Things to Know About Faith-Driven Investing by U.S. News

Photo by  Ben White

Photo by Ben White

Socially responsible investing has become a popular way for investors to put their money where their values are. Experts say faith-based investing is now following suit in popularity.

"The faith-based investment approach is predicted to grow, especially as companies see the socially responsible investing agenda as good business," says Alexander Lowry, professor of finance at Gordon College in Massachusetts.


Socially Responsible Investing Delivers

There are more than 250 socially responsible funds in the United States, of which approximately 40 would fall into the biblically or religiously responsible investing space, says Dwayne Safer, assistant professor of finance at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

The funds help like-minded investors avoid putting their money into items and practices that don't match their spiritual values – such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography, gambling and guns – by screening them out, he says.

Faith-based investing is based on the idea that how a business makes money is just as important as how much it makes, says Ben Malick, chief investment officer at Bright Portfolios, which offers biblical investments to clients in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Faith-based investments exist across all asset classes and industries – and they control billions of dollars. Eager to get started? Here are a few things you should know before pairing dollars with dogma…

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