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Within the early-stage angel investing space, there is a tremendous opportunity to influence culture and the lasting impact. Here are a few funds that look for spiritual integration in their portfolio as evidenced through tangible things that might include chaplaincy, sponsoring faith based employee resource groups or other tangible steps.


Sovereign’s Capital

Sovereign’s Capital has two venture capital funds focused on investing in entrepreneurs who embrace their work as a purpose and calling.  Their venture funds and related entities invest in growth-stage companies operating in expanding markets, and typically have $1 - $10M in revenue. They have investment team members based in Silicon Valley, Jakarta and Washington, DC. They are also launching a more traditional private equity vehicle, which will be focused on majority positions in mature companies with $1 - $5M of EBIDTA.


Ambassadors Impact Network (dallas)

Is a group of kingdom-minded investors with combined experience of more than 150 investments in private ventures and over 120 years of leading businesses and faith-driven enterprises. They encourage you to infuse your faith into all you do, especially when it comes to finding like minded investors. They have a 8 week screening process to see if their financing and partnership is a fit for your business.

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gerygone Capital

Gerygone Capital is an operations focused private equity firm partnering with experienced management to build exceptional companies.

Gerygone primarily focuses on strong, growth oriented companies as well as undervalued, overlooked, misunderstood, or distressed opportunities and combines experienced management with Gerygone Partners to drive results.



We've known these guys for a while, especially Wes and Wade and love their Biblical values-based approach. They've teamed together to create a global private equity fund that invests in early-stage to lower middle market companies. The firm has offices in Annapolis, Dallas, and Zurich.

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Rising Tide Capital

Rising Tide Capital is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist struggling individuals and communities to build strong businesses which transform lives, strengthen families, and build sustainable communities.

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Ambassador EnteRprises (Indiana)

Ambassador Enterprises (AE), a performance-driven private equity company, builds companies and leaders that impact communities. We invest as active partners who learn and collaborate with a focus on the long-term health of our companies. While we value financial success, we are also driven by personal and professional growth and community transformation.


Monmouth society

Monmouth Society leverages a large network of Kingdom-minded investors with a private equity fund model focused on the most underserved U.S. missionary today: the Christian CEO/owner. Investors receive values-aligned opportunities in multipurpose and direct investment positions in $1-100M EBITDA companies, distressed and/or commercial properties, and seed or Series A start-ups. 


Up and Coming Funds…

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1Flourish Capital

Faithful, Servant, Leaders. We seek, invest in, and support entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of principled leadership and culture as integral to the development of high performance companies.  Our vision is that by helping entrepreneurial companies flourish, the culture at large will flourish.

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Hickory Street Ventures

Hickory Street is the main thoroughfare in a small West Texas town where the Spear brothers grew up. It is emblematic of many small town main streets -- the local intersection of people, ideas, and commerce. It is a place where the people are as friendly as they are hard-working, and a handshake is as meaningful as an overpriced contract. We no longer live on Hickory Street, but we carry the culture with us and it informs the way we do business.

We formed Hickory Street Ventures to formalize some of the consulting work we were already working on, and to seek out new opportunities to help startups, non-profits, and small businesses reach their goals. We're experienced in management consulting, private equity and venture capital, accounting, startups, and non-profits.


The 3Ten Coalition from the C12 Group

The 3Ten Coalition exists to help qualified C12 Members transition or scale businesses in a way that maximizes post-transaction Kingdom impact and ownership legacy. 

The 3Ten Coalition is an ecosystem of capital providers, advisory groups and service providers covenanted together to serve C12 Members in a voluntary manner with coordination by C12 or through proxy agents of C12. 

The 3Ten Coalition is not a legal entity, provider of funds or fiduciary, but, rather, a program offering of C12 to Members with exclusive coordination and qualitative assurances.

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Blue Print Local

A little over a year ago now, the Federal Government passed and signed into law, the Investing in Opportunities Act (IIOA), more commonly referred to as Opportunity Zones. This was designed to incentivize private capital to invest in deeply distressed census tracts across the country. Around that time, a group of us, began to discuss this new potential and ways to deploy it in communities in ways that builds wealth in communities, without being extractive. We saw a small window in time to build a strategy that could help set a narrative for the country.In the past, early movers have mattered. We’ve seen some disappointment in past federal programs such as New Market Tax Credits – well-intentioned and in some cases used appropriately, but at the end of the day, a bill was meant to invest in operating companies that lead to jobs and wealth creation, devolved into another real estate investment opportunity for investors not from those communities.

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Kingdom Capital

Kingdom Capital’s unique platform connects its values-driven investors and investments in a comprehensive ecosystem that enables the flow of capital to its philanthropic community.  Kingdom Capital investors, investments and philanthropic partners supported through the Kingdom Capital Foundation all benefit from this strategic integration.


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