The Praxis Business Accelerator


A mentorship-driven program, the Praxis Business Accelerator equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept just 12 startups, with up to two leaders per organization. 

We believe that Christian entrepreneurs who are spiritually serious, culturally astute, and in community have a unique ability to build a better society and demonstrate the beauty and goodness of the gospel across all of life. Christian founders typically have a hunch that they are called to a more comprehensively faithful approach to their work of venture and impact creation. However, the aims and practices of such an approach are unclear and seem more like fleeting feelings or reactions than a determined pursuit of a narrow way. The Praxis community seeks to help entrepreneurs operate more fully through a redemptive lens, all while being serious about the growth of their venture.

The program is built upon a deep examination of redemptive strategy (the venture’s expression and impact in the world); redemptive operations (its functions, processes, culture, and partnerships); and redemptive leadership (the founders’ character, motives, imagination, and practices).

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