other Developing Opportunities

There are likely opportunities for spiritual integration in other asset classes too that wouldn't otherwise seem obvious, maybe you know of some that we should highlight?


Sustainable Debt

There are a wide variety of venture debt, private debt, and public debt opportunities, though this category needs to be pursued thoughtfully with a focus on sustainability (vs. max leverage) as the situations where interests can get out of alignment are more plentiful with debt than with equity.


Cash and Commodity Instruments

There are opportunities to put aligned capital to work behind faith-driven purposes in more liquid vehicles as well, though the opportunities for spiritual integration in this context are more limited by nature of the investment.


Oil and Gas

Although at first glance this may not seem like an industry ripe for spiritual integration, yet oil and gas funds employ thousands of roughnecks that struggle with substance abuse, pornography, and identity issues. This is also true with niche funds like those that invest in almonds. One of the largest such funds in California is run by Christ followers. Almond trees aren’t great recipients of the Gospel, but the scores of migrant workers that work on them are.  


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