The Faith Driven Family

Faith Driven Investing is a part of the Faith Driven Family. Our mission is to encourage and equip Christ following entrepreneurially minded people worldwide with world class content and community. We realize that in the life of an Entrepreneur there’s a need for compelling content, community and tools to connect with like minded investors or others you would like to invest in.

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Faith Driven Entrepreneur

The Faith Driven Entrepreneur is an informal initiative formed from the experiences of a few dozen of us that are committed to our faith, and who believe that God uses entrepreneurs to bring about His Kingdom here on earth.  Our mission is to help entrepreneurs who are hard at work on the trail, who are often tired, exhausted, under resourced, and confused. They need rest, support, guidance and provisions, as they get ready to head back out on the trail to fight dragons.  

Here's what you can expect from us:  a daily blog, weekly podcast, monthly newsletter and a list of resources.  The best way to stay connected is to subscribe to our newsletter or subscribe to our podcast so we can keep you in the loop!

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Faith Driven Investing

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