NCF's First Impact Pool

Image by  Stephan Mahlke

The National Christian Foundation recently announced their first impact investing pool. Learn all about what it is, how it works, and how you can be a part of it in this brief article below.

by NCF

We are excited to introduce our first impact investing pool: Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III), a private equity investment opportunity that supports start-up or later-stage companies led by Christian entrepreneurs in growing fields, industries, and economies.

About the pool

Traditionally, givers have used grants from their Giving Funds to make a tangible difference for the causes they love. Now with NCF’s impact investing pools, givers can also make spiritual impact using their Fund balance. Our first pool is a private equity opportunity with Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III). 

Sovereign’s Capital is a private equity firm that specializes and invests in companies led by faith-driven leaders seeking Biblically-aligned impact and financial return.

The investment pool is now available, and will be open through August, 2019.

How it works

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What to expect and how to get started

  • Once you recommend an amount you would like to invest, we place that portion of your NCF Fund into this impact investment pool, where it is combined with invested amounts from other NCF givers across the nation.

  • The investment lifetime will be 10-15 years, with some returns expected within five years. To support your ongoing grantmaking activity, you must maintain a liquid balance in your NCF Fund.

  • Because this impact investment pool is high risk, consult your financial advisor to decide if this fits into your long-term giving strategy.

Make your biggest impact today

Learn even more by downloading our 1-page PDF, or connect with your nearest NCF team to get started. We would be honored to serve you.