Episode 6 - Truth Telling and Impact Investing with Aimee Minnich


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Impact Investing is a buzzword in the faith-driven investing world. But there are dozens of definitions out there for what it actually means. On today’s episode, we’re moving toward setting the record straight. Aimee Minnich has been around since the beginning of the Faith Driven Investor movement and through her work with the National Christian Foundation and the Impact Foundation, she’s proven herself an expert on what it means to invest with impact in mind.

When you listen to her episode, you’ll hear the history of impact investing. While the term has been around since 2006, Aimee makes it clear that this idea has been around for much longer. And in addition to looking back, she also gives us an idea of where impact investing is trending next. She also discusses the value of truth-telling and how that relates not only to the way we interact with others but to how we approach investing.

We’re so glad to have people like Aimee Minnich involved in this movement, and after you hear this episode, we think you’ll be excited to hear more from her in the future. 

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