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Episode 8 - Rooting for Rivals with Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International

Today we are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania talking with Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International. Specifically, we’re talking to him about his new book, Rooting for Rivals. Peter is going to explain why he believes that leaders in the Faith Driven Investing community can multiple their impact when they focus on collaboration and cooperation. He raises an interesting topic that leads to a great conversation, and we think you’ll be glad you listened in...

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Episode 7 - Practicing the King's Economy with Brian Fikkert

Many of our listeners are familiar with Dr. Brian Fikkert as one of the bestselling authors of When Helping Hurts and several other books. He’s the President of The Chalmers Center for Economic Development, a research and training center that is dedicated to helping groups declare the kingdom of God by bringing economic development and spiritual transformation to the poor. He’s been a part of some fascinating new books that tackle some of the deep ideas of Gleaning and how it affects our view of Faith Driven Investing. Its an idea that they like to say is “Practicing the Kings Economy”. He’s on our podcast to share a little bit about what they learned in the process of writing these new books. Listen in to learn more...

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Episode 6 - Truth Telling and Impact Investing with Aimee Minnich

Today we’re in Kansas City connecting with Aimee Minnich, one of the Co-Founders of the Impact Foundation. Previously, she was president of the largest affiliate of the National Christian Foundation. She’s also no stranger to the podcast—she’s a regular contributor and co-host when we have guests in the area of Impact Investing. But today, we are turning the microphones around to get a chance to hear more of her story and what she’s seeing from her front row seat of what God is doing through the generosity and investments of faithful men and women around the world.

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