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Episode 5 - The Investor as a Servant Leader with Frank Chen of Andreessen Horowitz

Our friend Frank Chen stopped by the Faith Driven Investor podcast to talk about how he’s helping entrepreneurs change the World at the Silicon Valley Venture powerhouse of Andreessen Horowitz. As Frank describes it they are “helping entrepreneurs build software companies that are eating the world.” Curious to know more about what that looks like? Tune in today…

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Episode 3 - Creating Abundance to Decrease Competition with Trae Stephens of Founders Fund

Trae Stephens of Founders Fund joins us on the podcast today to continue the conversation around Faith Driven Investing. In this episode, Trae breaks down the relationship between abundance and competition and how great business ideas not only solve problems, but do so in a way that creates abundance and decreases competition. We hope you enjoy listening to Trae talk effortlessly about investing, philosophy, and everything in between

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