wade myers

Co-Founder, Eagle Venture Fund


Wade has founded or co-founded, invested in, and been a director of over 35 companies and has completed over 100 financing and M&A transactions as part of his business building strategy. He started selling door-to-door as a boy and worked full time most of his high school and college years at many jobs and at-risk ventures to put himself through school.

His startup and business building focus has been on software and IT-enabled services companies that have high gross margins, recurring revenue, and repeatable and scalable offerings. His startups have included a firm that grew into a global IT services company that was capitalized with $75m in venture capital prior to selling to a public company and an Inc. 5000 nationwide tech-enabled real estate services company that has grown into the fifth largest firm among several thousand competitors in its industry.

Wade invests in startups and small businesses through Eagle Venture Fund, a global venture capital fund he co-founded. He has been the chairman of a seed capital firm, venture partner for two venture capital firms, and board member of an $850m investment firm.