Filling the shelves full of next steps

This isn’t your typical store.

We find ourselves in a situation where our “store” has empty shelves of Next Steps. But there is a great opportunity to stock the shelves of this Faith Driven Investing store with excellent Gospel-centered next steps. In the months and years ahead we envision a taxonomy of a host of different spaces to get involved and highlight some of the leaders in each space.

What’s clear is that a great many Christ-following investment professionals will be required to wisely steward capital across the vast array of faith-driven asset classes that can be created. It should also be noted that some number of Christ followers may feel led to invest in more secular impact funds that don’t have a Gospel centeredness to them. That may absolutely be the right move for that particular investor for a host of reasons. This site is weighted towards impact funds that look to specifically address the alleviation of both financial and spiritual poverty.